Romagna RFC wears moustaches to become heroes with ‘Movember Romagnolo’

Romagna RFC wears moustaches to become heroes with ‘Movember Romagnolo’

At the Cesena Rugby Stadium this November, on Sundays you will get a chance to meet crowds of people sporting lush moustaches just like Hercule Poirot. The incredible thing is that many of them will be women! Don’t worry, there’s nothing strange about it! Everything is perfectly normal. The splendid idea is part of an event promoted by Romagna RFC, a rugby club that plays in Series B this year. For a number of years, the club has supported the ‘Movember Romagnolo’ initiative which aims to raise awareness around male pathologies that are all too often ignored, and to raise funds for research. Among many other initiatives organised for Romagna RFC’s home games, volunteers from the Romagna Cancer Institute will distribute special cardboard moustaches to anybody who does not already have their own. The moustaches are printed with a QR Code that can be scanned to download a guide to the prevention of male tumours, a useful tool in raising awareness and combating cancer.

Rugby and solidarity

Romagna RFC represents the values of commitment and solidarity that the sport of rugby has in its DNA. The club was formed in 2006 with the intention of encouraging the growth of rugby clubs throughout Romagna and representing the region with a team formed from the best players of the clubs involved. This led to the creation of a franchise that brings together many local rugby clubs in a system designed to exchange and share ideas and initiatives. The franchise focuses on youth sides, teaching rugby skills and the values intrinsic to the game. Because these values are important on and off the pitch. Every season, Romagna RFC gets involved in social projects too, organising initiatives throughout the region in support of local associations and taking part in nationwide charity campaigns like fund raising, ecological promotions, activities for disabled people, and awareness raising. Such activities express the underlying principle that supporting the community is part of the spirit of rugby.

A moustache T-shirt from Macron

Macron has supported Romagna RFC since the beginning and has always helped the franchise in the many initiatives in which has been involved. For ‘Movember Romagnolo’, the Macron Hero will also wear a moustache (‘movember’ stands for ‘moustache November’). A special T-shirt will be produced and sold at home games to help raise funds for the Romagna Cancer Institute. This is yet another example of the communicative power of a T-shirt, which can deliver a clear message of solidarity, commitment, awareness and support in addition to a sense of belonging to the club.

Then there’s rugby, the pitch, the effort and… extra time

There’s always commitment, participation, support and a desire to share in the challenge playing out on the field. But whether the moustache is real or fake, what counts on the field is determination, passion, a desire to win and then to celebrate the victory. It doesn’t matter how hard a tackle is, you just get up, rejoin the team and play until the end. This is the spirit of rugby, the spirit that animates the players and supporters of Romagna RFC. “Become Your Own Hero” describes play on the pitch and support on the terraces. Then even an ‘extra time’. In the month dedicated to the ‘Movember Romagnolo’ campaign, a special auction will be organised by the players of Romagna RFC, featuring beard and moustache cutting for charity. All to score a try for solidarity.