Welcome to the clubshop.macron.com website (the “Website”), the online marketplace for authorised Macron S.p.A. retailers


The term “Site” indicates the macronstore.com internet site that sells official merchandise of Macron S.p.A. of its approved retailers ("Stores"), and the term “Customer” indicates the individual, being as a natural or legal person, who makes online purchases and accepts the conditions of sale. Macron S.p.A. is the Macron S.p.A company with registered office in Via Pastore, 57 - 40056 Crespellano Valsamoggia (BO), registered with the C.C.I.A.A. (Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Artisans) of Bologna under REA no. BO-205114 of the Register of Companies, and Tax ID No. 01675921207. The term “approved retailer” indicates any entity that is not part of Macron S.p.A. authorised to sell Macron-branded merchandise or, in any case, authorised by Macron S.p.A. to sell products on this website. In this instance, the approved retailer is Becks Outfitters Company whose registered office is in 433 ENDIKE LANE - HU68AGHULL , registered with the C.C.I.A.A. of Bologna under REA No. BO-507555 of the Companies' Register, and Tax ID No. 01675921207. The term “Order” indicates the form filled in by the customer on the Website for the purchase of products. The “products” are goods sold on the Website, in accordance with the general conditions of sale. “Personalised products” are goods made to order at the request and to the specifications of the Customer and retailer. The “Price” is the payment for the sale of products. The “Contract” is the contract which relates to the remote sale of products in accordance with the general conditions of sale. The “Parties” are the “approved Retailer” and the Customer.



The sale of products is conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale published on the Website at the time of placing the order. The contract is completed and legally binding for the Parties when confirmation of the order is sent to the Customer’s e-mail address provided by the Customer when registering on the website. Products are made to order based on a specific request from the Customer and following the specific instructions given on the website. The purchase of personalised products requires advance payment and excludes the right of withdrawal from the contract except in circumstances beyond the Customer's control such as faulty products or an error in calculating the invoice, for which the Customer is not responsible. The prices and products for sale may be subject to changes without the need to give prior notice, without prejudice to the terms and conditions of sale applied at the time of entering into the contract.


This refers to entities that are not part of Macron S.p.A. that are responsible for managing stores, providing services or selling products on the website. In particular, the services and sales on this website are carried out by the approved retailer indicated in Art. 1. Registering as an approved retailer must be agreed by Macron which will assess these businesses and whether their product range is compatible with the aim of this website. Macron S.p.A. cannot in any way be held liable for any activities, products and content provided by the approved retailer or by any other third party.




Macron S.p.A. enables third-party retailers – such as approved Retailers - to sell their products on the Macronstore.com website. In its capacity as an e-commerce website provider, Macron S.p.A. facilitates transactions which are carried out on the website, but is not part of the sales contract relating to any products sold by third-party retailers. Therefore, Macron S.p.A. is not included in this contract which is only between the buyer and the vendor, i.e. the approved retailer, indicated in Art. 1. Macron S.p.A. shall not be responsible for the sales contract and its effective implementation, and shall not operate in any way as agent for the vendor. Only the vendor shall be responsible for selling the products and dealing with any potential disputes with the buyer.


Macron S.p.A.  undertakes to ensure, in good faith, that the services of the Website are provided without interruption and that transactions are carried out smoothly. However, due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee continuous uninterrupted or secure access to the internet. In addition, your access to the services of the Website may occasionally be interrupted or restricted to enable repair and maintenance or the addition of new features or services. We will try to limit the frequency and duration of these interruptions and restrictions.

Macron S.p.A. shall not be responsible for (i) any loss that is not due to breaches of Macron s.p.a.’s obligations under these general conditions or (ii) for any loss of business opportunities (including loss of any profits, earnings, contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill or costs unnecessarily incurred) or (iii) any other indirect or consequential losses, unforeseeable either by you or by us when you started using the services of our Website.

We shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to comply with the obligations provided for in these general conditions if such delay or failure arises from an accident or and act of force majeure. This provision will not compromise your legal rights and in particular your right to receive the products purchased within a reasonable time or to be reimbursed in the event of failed delivery as a result of an accident or an act of force majeure.


The products purchased may be delivered in three different ways: (i) Delivery by express courier, (ii) "Pick up in store", i.e. collection from the point of sale of the authorised retailer, (iii) delivery to your club. Delivery times depend on the Retailer. The Retailer shall do everything possible to deliver the merchandise within a reasonable time, with the exception of made-to-order merchandise sold on the website, which requires longer delivery times. Delivery times, which are indicative and non-binding, will be 2-3 days for non-personalised products and 2-4 weeks for made-to-order products. In the event that one or more products become unavailable after the order has been placed, the Retailer shall proceed with the delivery of the other products ordered by the Customer. Partial deliveries of products are valid and do not give the customer the right to refuse delivery or claim for reimbursement or compensation. Once the products have been delivered, ownership of the products and the risks associated with transporting them are transferred to the Customer. 


To purchase our products, you are required to register on the website. Registration is free, straightforward and does not imply any obligation to purchase any of our products. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate, true and complete information relating to personal details, addresses and other information we need in order to fulfil the order.
The Customer must pay the price of the products purchased and keep a copy of the order confirmation received from Macronstore.com at the email address indicated by the Customer when registering on the website.


Prices on the Website are expressed in Euros € and include VAT at the level specific to the category. 
The order total includes delivery costs, but it does not include customs duties or additional sales taxes required for importing goods from abroad. Any additional customs clearance costs shall always be charged to the recipient.

Full payment must be made by credit card at the time of placing the order. All orders are subject to checks. Macron S.p.A. andor the Retailer reserve the right to request proof of ID in specific cases, therefore Macron andor the Retailer may contact the customer to request further details in relation to the payment before confirming the order. If, within 72 hours, the Customer has not sent the documents requested, the order shall be cancelled and a standard reimbursement will be processed for the amounts already paid.


The Parties shall not be responsible for any delay in fulfilling their obligations under the contract, if the delay is due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The party responsible for the delay as a result of an act of force majeure will be granted an extension in order to fulfil its obligations.


Brands, logos and other hallmarks which appear on the website belong to their respective owners. The use of brands, logos and other hallmarks including their reproduction on other internet sites by unauthorised third parties is forbidden. The content of the website is protected by copyright law (texts, images and graphic design).


The right of withdrawal is the customer’s right to withdraw from the contract, by returning the products purchased and obtaining reimbursement in accordance with the provisions set out in  Art. 52 of Legislative Decree 6.9.2005, no. 206.
The right of withdrawal is reserved only to natural persons whose actions are not directly related to their professional activities. Therefore, retailers and other companies are excluded from exercising such right.
To exercise your right of withdrawal you must send written notice to the approved Retailer identified in Art. 1 or call the approved Retailer within 14 days of receiving the merchandise.

The list of contact details (both e-mail and phone) can be found via this link.
To exercise the right of withdrawal products must be returned intact and with their original labels on them. Products must be carefully packed to protect the original packaging, writing and labels from being damaged. If the product returned does not satisfy the conditions indicated above, the product shall be sent back to the customer at their expense and no reimbursement shall be given. Products must be returned by the customer within 14 days from the date of receipt. Reimbursement of the purchase price shall be paid within 7 days from when the products being returned are received, once we have checked that they are in good condition.

Reimbursement does not include any transport costs incurred for dispatching and returning the products. In accordance with Art. 59 of Legislative Decree 6.9.2005, No. 206, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for products which have been made to order based on the customer’s requirements, including products personalised with names and/or numbers and badges, except for faulty or damaged products. Reimbursements will not be given for matchday shirts where the name of the player has been changed or where the player has been transferred to another team.


The Customer’s personal data, which have been provided for the purposes of the contract, shall be processed according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 2003/196 and of Regulation EU 2016/679 on the protection of personal data. For further information you can consult the section on Privacy.


This contract supersedes all previous contracts, agreements and arrangements between the parties and forms the entire agreement between the parties for the purposes of the contract, along with the order, the general conditions of use of the website, the conditions relating to registration and these general conditions of sale. Any change or amendment to the contract must be approved in writing by both parties.


All communications between the parties must be made in writing and sent to the address of the other party indicated in the contract and on the order. Communications sent by email to the email address of the other party indicated on the Website or on the order are also considered as written communications.
Communications relating to the validity or existence of this agreement must be delivered by hand only or sent by registered mail with return receipt.


The sales contract is written in four versions: Italian, English, French and Spanish. In the event of any discrepancy in the translation, the Italian language shall prevail.


The contract is regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian law.
The parties hereby agree that this contract is not governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
Any disputes arising from the contract or relating to it shall be settled by: a) the Court of jurisdiction of the customer's residential address, if the customer is a consumer pursuant to the applicable legislation; b) by the Court of Bologna, Italy, in any other case.