New Best Basket: "Trust The Project"

New Best Basket:


NBB is a technical and educational reference point for the basketball movement in the province of Brescia and across Northern Italy. The club features a First team currently competing in the regional Serie C GOLD national championship, 30 youth teams, and over 700 athletes. Different people with different backgrounds coming together, united by the same passion - this is how New Best Basket originated. A sporting and educational project created to generate, teach and cultivate an interest in basketball, focusing on young people and their sporting and human growth. All this wouldn't be possible without the support of the many who believe in the New Best Basket Project, from the Board of Directors to the coaches, members, athletes, and friends who collaborate with enthusiasm.


Besides training and developing young athletes, the project’s objective is to foster culture through sport by providing scholarships within the NBB Youth Program. Sport is always at the centre, but ultimately the aim is to give young people the opportunity to become part of a social fabric with the appropriate tools to face difficulties and solve problems. The payoff ‘Trust The Project’ is its authentic emblem. It expresses the hope and ambition that pouring energy, love, and resources into the program will create substantial opportunities for the youth who participate, and eventually culminate in their success as athletes and as individuals. From the parquet of the court, through hard work, sweat and passion for this sport must come the ability for all those who wear the New Best Basket jersey to walk away with the knowledge that commitment and perseverance are key to achieving any goal.