Post SV Nuremberg, a symbol for sport for nearly 100 years

Post SV Nuremberg, a symbol for sport for nearly 100 years

With over 15,000 members and 140 teams playing a wide range of sports, Post SV Nuremberg has become synonymous with sport itself throughout Bavaria. It is also the biggest sports association in the state and one of the largest in the whole of Germany. Post SV Nuremberg was formed in 1926 and still serves the needs of all those with a passion for sport. The association began with just a few sports, namely gymnastics and ball games. Since the end of the war, however, the number of sports has continued to grow exponentially, and now Post SV Nuremberg is the go-to name for players of all sports, whatever their level. Post SV Nuremberg’s organisation and impressive offering make it one of Germany’s leading sport associations.

The 1970s and ’80s: sports at the service of health and mental wellbeing

In Germany, and like rest of the world, the 1970s and ’80s witnessed an eruption in the popularity of running, fitness and aerobics. Post SV understood the importance of sport in health and mental wellbeing, and therefore invested in the structures and organisation needed to boost its membership. An indoor swimming pool was constructed in order to meet demand, and the facilities were modernised in the late 1990s. Today, Post SV Nuremberg is a flourishing sports association that facilitates the activities of many associated clubs. Furthermore, it does its best to encourage involvement in individual sports by offering flexible times and a wide variety of activities aimed at making sport accessible to anybody, at any time. Post SV stands for all kinds of sport, at any time and for all ages.

The home of sport and the statistics of success

Since its early days focused on gymnastics, Post SV Nuremberg has gradually built an efficient and reliable organisation to serve all those who see sport as a way of life. Membership, which is already over 15,000, is still growing. The association runs over 50 sports facilities in the Nuremberg Metropolitan area alone. Over 100 different activities are on offer, supported by a large number of courses that provide over 1000 hours of sport a week, from morning until night, seven days a week. Courses attract people from all walks of life and include offerings tailored to the needs of families. However, quantity is nothing without quality, and Post SV provides qualified trainers and instructors, modern sports centres with the latest equipment, and certified programmes even for accident prevention and rehabilitation. The association’s staff are always ready to assist members and have all the willingness, passion and competence required to do so. Post SV Nuremberg sees itself as the home of sports for everyone. Everybody enjoys the sports activities and sees the association’s colours – blue and white – as a tangible expression of Post SV and as part of the identity of Bavaria as a whole. 

Bunter Sport Project: inclusion and integration as intrinsic sporting values

The community can become a driving force behind participation and integration, and everybody, irrespective of origin and disabilities, has a right to be part of a community. Sports communities play a fundamental role; participation and engagement in their activities promotes and encourages integration and inclusion. These are the ideas behind the Bunter Sport Project run by Post SV to encourage as many people as possible to actively enjoy sport. Bunter Sport is just one of many projects in which the Bavarian association is involved. Post SV is particularly active in schools with programmes for promoting sport as part of full-time education. One project for elementary schools is designed to develop young children’s cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills, and free swimming lessons are provided for primary and secondary schools. The “DURCHSTARTEN mit BASKETBALL” project has been promoting basketball in Nuremberg’s elementary schools for almost 10 years.

Post SV Sportfestival, a real festival of sport

Every year, the Ebensee sports park hosts the Post SV Sportfestival, which is a great chance for families to spend time in the open air, in pleasant, green surroundings and to learn more about the sporting opportunities offered by Post SV. Apart from practical demonstrations of various disciplines, adults are offered a chance to participate in trials of strength, stamina, dexterity and precision, while younger children are entertained by volleyball, handball and football tournaments.

The importance of sustainability and protection of the environment

Sport is action, and action often speaks louder than words. Post SV is particularly active when it comes to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Since sport improves wellbeing, it is essential to do everything possible to safeguard the environment in which sport is practised. Sustainable mobility is a key factor and the association actively promotes it as part of its green philosophy. At the beginning of this year, a number of stations were installed around the Ebensee sports park to recharge the electric vehicles of members and guests. Bicycles are provided for use by the association’s employees and subsidies are offered to help them purchase bicycles for their own private use. The latest lighting systems are increasingly sustainable and the skating rink now uses synthetic ice.

The fundamental role of a sports association

In providing this service to the community, Post SV Nuremberg plays a role that extends far beyond the promotion and teaching of sporting disciplines. Through its actions, the association facilitates change, supports the education system, helps combat loneliness, encourages integration, and positively motivates a large number of people. Post SV performs this ambitious task daily by bringing sports to all parts of Bavaria and by encouraging its members – people from all lifestyles and social groups – to set themselves targets that demand passion, commitment, effort and hard work to achieve but that give them a chance to become their own heroes.

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