YouSport, inspiring change through sport

YouSport, inspiring change through sport


Sport as the turning point for a new inclusive society, whereby those who are more fragile no longer feel that way when they take the field. This is the spirit and mentality with which Yousport was founded in July 2020, a sports and social promotion club that supports those who need to improve their physical condition, viewing sport as a vehicle for dignity, belonging and fun.


The program begins with training sessions to learn the rules and aims of the game. Various groups of people attend these training sessions and are subsequently distributed into teams. Each team is characterised by multi-ethnicity with a one-third Italian presence to facilitate integration. Men's and women's teams as well as those in the 10-14 age group. YouSport FC, which plays in the CSI Open championship, is the most global team in Italy with the presence, alongside Italian players, of youngsters from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Mali, Egypt, Pakistan, Senegal and Morocco.


At present, the Yousport project relies on the professionalism of the staff, coaches and athletic trainers, the care of nutritionists and sports psychologists, the fact that it is entirely free of charge, the beauty of the facilities, materials, and uniforms, and the financial and technical support of passionate sponsors. All these ingredients make it possible to create a community where sport becomes a vehicle for change. In the future, the goal is to create a multi-sports centre that is a beautiful and sustainable space of integration, where diversity is normalised and where people come together in one place to practice sport at the level and intensity they please.


The answer as to what it means to wear a Yousport jersey is given by the children and players who proudly share pictures of themselves on the field and in their Macron kits on those social platforms that in this day and age connect communities across the globe. The warmth, security, and sense of belonging perceived from the players’ smiles prove that these kids have found a home away from home, a great source of pride for YouSport as they continue succeeding in their endeavour to inspire social change through sport.