Yongin Samsung Life BLUEMINX Basketball: a success story since 1977

This is Yongin Samsung Life BLUEMINX Basketball team Yongin Samsung Life BLUEMINX Basketball team is a new entry in the Macron roster. The club was founded in 1977, and it's one of the best teams in South ...  

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Rugby Parabiago: the same enthusiasm for over 70 years

THERE’S A PIECE OF BOLOGNA IN THE RUGBY OF NORTH-WEST MILAN Rugby came to Parabiago in 1945 thanks to the passion of Leonardo Sega and Tolmino Puggioli, two young men from Bologna. They formed a team ...  

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South Sudan, a national team that brings hope

THE WORLD’S NEWEST NATIONAL TEAM The South Sudanese national team is only eleven years old – the same age as the nation it represents. South Sudan gained statehood on the 9th July 2011. Exactly ...  

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U.S. Orione, an unforgettable journey

16 MAY 2022, A DATE WORTHY OF A TATTOO A player in Serie A can tattoo a Scudetto on his arm. Therefore, it's fair for the lads of Unione Sportiva Orione to tattoo the date of 16 May 2022 on theirs because ...  

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YouSport, inspiring change through sport

SPORT AS THE KEY TO CHANGE Sport as the turning point for a new inclusive society, whereby those who are more fragile no longer feel that way when they take the field. This is the spirit and mentality ...  

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University of St Andrews: Enhancing the university culture and experience through sport

SPORT AND ACADEMICS GOING HAND IN HAND Scotland’s first university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world, the University of St Andrews is a hub for research and teaching of the highest ...  

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New Best Basket: "Trust The Project"

BASKETBALL AS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR NBB is a technical and educational reference point for the basketball movement in the province of Brescia and across Northern Italy. The club features a First team ...  

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Wrexham AFC: A vibrant community, a strong legacy, and a virtuous movement

PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE OF THE CUP GIANT-KILLERS The oldest professional football club in Wales and the third oldest in the world, with a record 23 Welsh Cups to its name, Wrexham AFC is rich in history, ...  

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Rugby Parma: 90 years of rugby in the Ducal City

GLORIOUS HISTORY AND HONOURABLE CHOICES It was 1931 when the first rugby team in Parma was founded, taking the definitive name of Rugby Parma in 1946 in the post-war period. After 80 years of playing ...  

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